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Editing and Formatting

The wiki understands many basic HTML tags, but for most things it is best to use wiki text. Here are some helpful guides.

Secure Pages

Pages can be restricted so they can be viewed only by logged in users who are members of a specific group by naming them appropriately. Currently, there is one restricted namespace, "Collab:" for members of the "collab" group. To create a restricted page, simply title the page starting with "Collab:". This places it in the "Collab:" namespace. Pages can be created by first making a link to a nonexistent page. Then click that link and you will be taken to an editing page where you can add your content. Please email the webmaster (webmaster[at] if you need access to a restricted group.

Be aware that the wiki can only provide a weak level of security. Consider it a "nothing to see here, move along" not a guarantee of security. Please read this Notice_on_Wiki_Security.